Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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The purpose of this blog is to expose and discuss the corruption, doublespeak, and hypocrisy evident in the Mendocino County Sheriff's Department and the District Attorney.

If you work for the Sheriff's Office, DA's office, or any other law enforcement agency in Mendocino County, we would love to have you post a comment on our blog! Likewise, if you are a concerned citizen who is wanting to contribute to the conversation, we'd also like to hear from you.


  1. I've heard that Meredith Lintott was pulled over with 50 lbs of marijuana in her vehicle. Can anybody confirm this? If so, please send an email to

  2. (copied from north coast indymedia)
    DA/Sheriffs Lie
    by northcoast for life
    Friday Oct 16th, 2009 12:23 PM
    The DA+Sheriff's office have their own agenda based on "field discretion"+ not training the officers so they can play "we haven't been trained on collectives" both r types of power people w/ guns should not have w/out a camera and mic inside their badges.U don't want 2 b badgered +then they claim otherwise--not 2 mention the threats. We had 27 flowering and some in growth with all guidlines being met by STATE LAWS(which supercede county ordinances) w/collective agreements and 7 members. The cops WILL do what they want until lawsuits stop them--(they like bonuses CEO style). Hopefully the Butte case is a wake up 2 officers hiding behind courts not ruling in lawsuits surrounding law enforcement. BTW: I do know of many gardens they come to and leave but what makes them choose is a mystery. Also since your reading here's 2 tidbits. 1) the number of arrests and prosections in mendo has increased over 400% since the change of guard: DA Lintott and Sheriff Allman in roughly 4 years and the forfitures went from about 75K to over 2.5 million. What the F***
    2) The DA's office had a leak to the ukiah daily journal that they were not going after 200 plants/20 pound cases only bigger--LIES. Well the office denied that it was a memo then weeks later(after 2 million federal grant)hired 3 or 4 attorneys and said that the old postion 200/20 is no longer the case and things will NOW be handled case by case. Something is very fishy in mendo and its not Fort Bragg. Peace from the North coast lifer

  3. It's such a careful balance between keeping voters happy and qualifying for the CAMP grant, huh? Going after any more small growers this year?

  4. The Mendo Co. D.A knew that my house and car were bugged and then attempted to lie and say that I was nuts anyway, while letting this crap go on and on for 4 years in a row. Someone is hurting our family, and they do nothing. For all I know it is the local D.A.- how weird that they use this type of surveillance all of the time but say that people are crazy when they find out. I had a security expert tell me that cameras and wimax were in my home, but refused to take it out saying that it was the Sheriff. But the sheriff acts like they aren't doing it either. Still, I lost my kids and multiple attempts were made on our lives.

  5. The Sheriff's Deputies in Mendo call the Fire Department and have them report phony distress calls to 911 that never occurred. Then they show up and raid the houses. Most people never realize that this happened, or this was the reason why. They use the tactic to help open/re-open cases. They can do this to anyone at any time. There doesn't even have to be anyone home at the time for them to do this. There doesn't even have to be a working phone at the location for them to do this. Ricky Del Fiorentino's (Rocky) ex partner did this to someone in August 2014 and has successfully reopened a case that was never even closed, at any point. The invetigators themselves were already lying, making up lies that cannot easily be undone without around the clock work and for people that aren't allowed to SLEEP this is pretty hard.